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I enjoyed this game it was very heart warming and i hope other people give it a chance.

We are excited to discuss Linda & Joan Prologue: “Four Months Earlier” on Indie Game Club!



I love that you explored the relatinship mother-son which is very uncommon in videogames. Well done!

Thanks for playing!

omg this was a really cool adventure game! especially if you are an outdoorsy person and i love the fact that it was made bc it was real! and yeah also this like abt 46 mins long to complete so yeah! love it, 4/5 stars

Very well done !!! Gameplay on Apple M1

Thanks for playing and for the Apple M1 report—the first I’ve had! —Russell. 


This game was very enjoyable! It’s a heartfelt story of a bond between mother and son as they hike together, talk together, and mixed in, is a unique game mechanic that I haven’t  experienced, yet. A sequel is in the works, so don’t miss the prologue!


I absolutely adored this experience. I lost both of my parents within 3 months of each other shortly after turning 30. In a weird way, this really reflects on things I wish I could have communicated more with them and made me remember similar conversations and in general just remember my parents. Thank you for this, will absolutely grab the full release. 

Thank you for playing, Jordan! Thank you for the tender read-through too. Take care.

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Thank you!